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FOF #2509 – Pokémon No GO

It was supposed to be a first year anniversary celebration for players of the record breaking mobile game Pokémon GO, but instead the attendees found themselves unlocking the ninth level of hell.

Today comedian Cody Melcher, one of the admins for the Chicago Pokémon GO Facebook group joins us to find out how the gaming festival turned into a disaster and how people had to wait 20 minutes in line just to escape the mess.

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FOF #2355 – Lady Bunny is a National Treasure

While Lady Bunny was performing her hit show “Transjester” at the Stonewall Inn, President Obama declared the building and the area of the Stonewall Uprising as a National Monument.

Today, Lady Bunny gives us a look at her early days as a drag queen in Atlanta with Rupaul and how she was forced by her band, Now Explosion, to dress up in drag on their car ride move to New York City.

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