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FOF #2297 – Rubbing One Out at Work

Chances are you’re probably listening to this podcast at work— so here’s a little trick to keeping your spirits up on the job, if god forbid, your boss won’t let you access the show: instead of taking a coffee or smoke break, try going to the bathroom, and rubbing one out.

Our guest today is writer Nico Lang, who in his latest piece in Ravishly talks about how folks at work are turning to masturbation as a way to relieve work stress.

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VIDEO: Dumbest Man on the Planet

This fool robbed a gas station in broad daylight with more than one clerk behind the counter, lots of customers, and A POLICE OFFICER STANDING RIGHT BEHIND HIM!!  Ok, so, he is the dumbest man […]

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Idaho Police Tell Man to Stop Wearing Bunny Suit

Let the man wear his bunny suit, cowboy outfit and ballerina dress!  What’s the big deal?

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Drag Queen Impersonates Police and Pulls People Over

Police in Baltimore are on the lookout for a drag queen that is impersonating police and pulling cars over. The drag queen is described as wearing a red wig, an oversized police hat and poofy […]

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VIDEO: Woman Excited Over Arrest

This woman is so excited that her sister is being arrested. It’s hard to figure out what she keeps saying because she sounds like a dog barking. Thankfully, we have the police officer there to translate “County Law.”

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Police in India Turn to Facebook, Allowing Citizens to Rat Each Other Out

Oh how I love this idea! Two months ago the Traffic Police in New Delhi started a Facebook page to create a forum for citizens….but it’s turned into something completely different. People have been taking […]

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VIDEO: Sexy Protest

The crowd chants “You’re sexy, you’re cute. Take off your riot suit!” at the Toronto G20 Summit.

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Police and Prostitutes Involved as “IM GAY” License Plate Man Found Dead

Keith Kimmel, the man who wanted an “IM GAY” license plate from the state of Oklahoma was found dead. His blog tells of a recent break up with a boyfriend who worked as a stripper […]

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Robber Eats Note

Ohio police believe they have their man. But they fear their suspected bank robber may have eaten some of the evidence – the holdup note demanding cash – all while handcuffed and leaning over the […]

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