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FOF #2101 – Is Perez Hilton Setting Back Gay Rights 50 Years?

Michelle Visage feels that feels that Perez Hilton’s behavior on Celebrity Big Brother is setting back “the gay community 50 years.”

Today we take a look at the impact, if any, obnoxious gay men have on LGBT equality. Is Perez Hilton’s behavior on the show bad for gay rights, or are we just blowing all of this out of proportion? You decide!

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FOF #1948 – Giving Up Your Cherry for Lent

I’m not sure why anyone gives up anything for any religious reason, but if your religious is that precious, why give up the butt for Lent?

Today the hilarious Brian Sweeney joins us to talk about how he’s giving up skydiving and using condoms for Lent.

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FOF #1909 – A Pill That Prevents HIV

It’s been known for the past couple of years, that sexually active people can dramatically reduce their chances of becoming HIV positive if they take the AIDS medication Truvada, as a Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis, or PrEP.

Today, psychologist and health care activist Damon L Jacobs joins us to talk about PrEP, why he started taking the medication and why HIV/AIDS is much more than an infectious disease.

FOF #1869 – A Spicy Meatball

Guido Barilla , Pasta Barilla’s CEO must have been hitting the sauce when he got himself into boiling water when he said on an Italian radio show that his company “likes the traditional family” and you’re not going to see any gays in Barilla’s advertising. And if gays don’t like it, “they can always go eat someone else’s pasta.”

Joining us today is blogger Nico Lang to talk about the great pasta boycott spinning around on your fork and how to make a boycott really count.

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PHOTO & VIDEO: Same Sex Kiss Protest the Pope

Dozens of same-sex couples kissed during the Pope’s recent visit in Spain, where the Pope attacked the country’s legalization of abortion on demand this year and gay marriage in 2005. Yeah, from his whack point […]

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Gayest Pictures Of The Pope

Buzzfeed has collected 15 of the gayest pictures of the Pope. See them all

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VIDEO: The Pope Song (WARNING- Possibly Offensive, NSFW)

Prepare to have this song stuck in your head for the next month. And prepare to laugh out loud.

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FOF #1167 – Egg Hunt for Red October

While kids were busy searching for eggs and candy this Easter weekend, Apple fans eagerly awaited the iPad, the new tablet computer features a larger screen and faster processor than the iPhone, and like the iPhone it doesn’t do phone calls.

Join us as we ponder the future of the almighty iPad with blogger Michael Lehet and discuss the hot news: the Pope’s priest’s outrageous statements, Lourdes and Madonna’s fashion line, the UK’s great rhubarb shortage, Dr. Who hunk stopped at airport and otters in love.

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The Gay Seminarian…?

On Christmas Day a psychopathic ran towards the Pope and made him fall on St. Peter’s floor . A priest among the churchgoers was recorded while this happened and was shown on the most important Italian tv […]

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Le Pape Terrible – the History of Papacy in a Comic Book

The comic “Le Pape Terrible”  by Alejandro Jodorowsky, illustrated by Italian artist Theo,  revisits the history of the papacy by mixing homosexuality, lust, religion, conspiracies and murders. The first volume is about the manipulative Cardinal […]

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