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FOF #2727 – When Oprah Dyed the Chicago River The Color Purple

Nowadays it seems all of the popular April Fools Day jokes are just awful Internet memes or brand marketing, leaving us to wonder what happened to all the great pranks of yesteryear?

Today Amanda Cohen joins us to look at April Fool’s Day pranks then and now, from our early days as Feast of Fools where we convinced folks that Oprah was going to dye the Chicago River the Color Purple to when Amanda crushed people’s hearts by announcing she had gotten too famous for this podcast.

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Hilarious Microphone Pranks

Some Italian spring break channel convinced these party goers to yell at the mic with hilarious results. ▶ microphone prank – YouTube. This guy kept shoving his mic into the poor activists face. The ole […]

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Penises Burned Into Grass Upsets Gerhard

Gerhard Van Dyk, the principal for Fairfield college in Waikato, New Zealand came to school in May of 2009 to find pranksters had burned the grass around the school to be in the shape of several […]

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VIDEO: Apple Store in Germany Gets Pranked

I hope they had a good laugh over it.

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VIDEO: Ambiguously Gay Reporter Hits on Men

Is he or isn’t he?

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VIDEO: Horny Reporter Prank

Shannon has fun with men and woman on the street.

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VIDEO: Pointy Shoes

This video was posted in Yotube on April 1st so I’m guessing it’s a prank. I wouldn’t mind a little point to my shoes but some of this fashion goes too far.

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VIDEO: Scary Kid Freaks People Out

The power of children.

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VIDEO: Snow Shovel Prank

A janitor gets revenge by shoveling snow into unusual paths.

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VIDEO: Ozzy Osbourne Scaring People Out at the Wax Museum

Ozzy you still got it. To promote his new album “Scream” eternal prankster and heavy metal rock icon Ozzy Osbourne decided to have some fun by scaring unsuspecting tourists at Madame Tussauds Wax Museum in […]

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