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FOF #2760 – The Little Mermaid Controver-SEA

Disney fans were thrilled last week to learn 19 year old singer Halle Bailey was cast as Ariel in a live-action remake of The Little Mermaid.

Today the merman of the Ethel variety, the hilarious Matt Brown, joins us to dive into the hashtag #NotMyAriel and how Hans Christian Andersen, the Little Mermaid’s original author, wrote it as a personal grisly queer tale of the fish that got away.

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FOF #2759 – The Time When Ms. Joan Jett Blakk Ran for President

In the spirit of making a political statement, and shocking the squares, Joan Jett Blakk, backed by Queer Nation, launched her bid to become President of United States with the catchy slogan “Lick Bush in ’92.”

Today Terence Alan Smith, the artist behind the drag personage of Joan Jett Blakk joins us to talk about her election bid and how 27 years later she’s back making a big splash. Will she run again in 2020?

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French Transgender Woman Hopes to Run for President in 2012

Brigitte Goldberg, transgender and president of Avenir 2012 (the future of 2012) revealed plans for her party and for her own presidential candidacy next year. The party is not exclusively for the trans community and […]

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VIDEO: Ukrainian President Bonked by Wreath

I’m guessing by the music, the flame and the wreaths that this was suppose to be solemn moment.

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