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FOFA #1386 – Divas, Drag Queens and Tornadoes

Drag superstar Adore Delano from Rupaul’s Drag Race is currently suing her management company but who exactly is behind Producer Entertainment Group? Listen and find out as we release this podcast from our archive with the founder of PEG- David Charpentier.

This podcast is in the top 100 favorite podcasts in our 13 years of producing over 2,400 some podcasts. Originally posted on 05.25.11

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FOF #1386 – Divas, Drag Queens and Tornadoes

We met entertainment producer David Charpentier backstage, as a tornado roared through Pridefest, the world’s largest LGBT music festival. David can handle just about any intense situation with any artist, no matter how extreme the circumstances.

Now he’s managing some of the biggest drag queens in entertainment while living with Addison’s disease and type one Diabetes. How does it do it?

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FOF #1383 – Jumping the Broom

Someone’s getting married! Don’t get too excited, it’s not me.

Today our friend blogger Michael Lehet is finally tying the knot to his longtime boyfriend Darryl, in a wedding we think is going to rival any Tyler Perry movie.

Join us as we talk about tying the knot with your boo and much more.

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