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FOF #1793 – Prince Manvendra Returns

A vibrant gay scene is blossoming in India which for years was held back by the horrible legacy of British colonial rule. Now change is finally happening thanks to people like Prince Manvendra, who has been leading the way for equality.

Today His Royal Highness Prince Manvendra joins us in person to talk about the progress for equality in India and his new organization Ekta Transglobal.

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FOF #1316 – Oprah’s Favorite Gay Prince

In 2006, Prince Manvendra, the 39th direct descendant in the 651-year dynasty of Rajpipla, a princely state in Western India, made headlines around the world when he became the first Indian royal to come out as gay.

One of Oprah’s favorite guests, Prince Manvendra, is now a gay rights leader, a health advocate and publisher of a new gay magazine called “Fun.”

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