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The Dancing Inmates Are At It Again

The dancing inmates at CPDRC in Cebu, Philippines are at it again….this time paying tribute to Michael Jackson.

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Filipino Inmates Perform “Queen Medley”

Those amazing Filipino prisoners, known for their amazing recreation of Michael Jackson’s Thriller are back at it again with a Queen medley. Can someone explain to me why there are women dancing with the men […]

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FOF #777 – Dinner, Then the Sex

The story of Lena’s life reads like pages of a pulp fiction novel with drama, intrigue, a music career and time spent in prison for being wrongly accused as a Russian spy by her husband […]

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FOF #546 – Prison Hilton

Oh happy day! Paris Hilton is in prison, and now the world is again safe. If we could now catch Osama Bin Laden, it would be a good week. We’re not sure if Paris Hilton […]

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