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FOFA #1600- Horror Magnate Peaches Christ

One of the scarier details about the gay Canadian cannibal killer Luka Rocco Magnotta is his obsession with his neighbor, horror film actor, Derek MacKinnon who starred as a killer in the 80’s movie Terror […]

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FOF #1600- Horror Magnate Peaches Christ

How does horror hostess and filmmaker, Peaches Christ deal with people on the fringe- lunatics, who may be just one broken fingernail away from killing someone?

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Retro Prometheus Poster

I saw Prometheus last week at the IMAX and loved it. I found this poster while searching about the movie on the internet. Higly recommend it, specially for Alien fans. When are you guys talking […]

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VIDEO: Michael Fassbender as a Robot in Prometheus

Michael Fassbender is giving some HAL2000 voice realness in this promo video for the movie Prometheus.

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