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Rainbows Over Culver City

Culver City, CA is getting a permanent rainbow sculpture that will be about nine stories high and span 188 feet over Sony’s studio lot. It’s being erected over the studio that produced the WIzard of […]

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Photo: Empire State Building Wears a Rainbow

Empire State Building wears a rainbow to celebrate marriage equality in New York.

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How To: Make a Rainbow Skirt or Kilt

Just in time for Pride! This mom made a cute as hell rainbow skirt for her daughter and she teaches you step by step how to make your own rainbow skirt or kilt. I think […]

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VIDEO: Double Rainbow Spotted After Joplin Tornado

A double rainbow was caught on video after the terrible tornado that killed dozens of people in Joplin, MO.

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How To: Make a Rainbow Window Hang

ure it’s pretty tacky, but that’s the whole point!

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Gay Cafe Gets Awesome Rainbow Yarn Graffiti

A gay man who owns a cafe in New Zealand got a special graffiti tag on his establishment- someone knitted a a rainbow cover for his drainpipe…um, that’s on the side of his cafe. — […]

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Accidental Rainbow Pride in Afganistan

Out and proud in Afganistan? Not likely, but then why are there so many rainbow stickers on cars in troubled country? Turns out that rainbow stickers became popular in Afganistan when used cars from Canada […]

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Man FREAKS OUT Over Double Rainbow

One of three things is happening here, or if we’re lucky it’s all three. This man is on all the world’s drugs at once He has more gay pride than all of San Francisco He […]

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