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FOF #2322 – A Brief Herstory of Drag Queen Music

Long before drag queens became drag superstars, many gender non conforming artists worked the Chitlin Circuit, a nickname given to venues where black and often queer artists could freely and safely perform in a racially segregated America.

Today we’re going back, back, back to the roots of drag queen musical acts from the Chitlin Circuit all the way to RuPaul and beyond with DJ Marc Moose Moder.

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VIDEO: Nineteen Year Old Princess of Soul, Selah Sue

When a nineteen year old Belgian white girl can flow like this, no one is safe. Watch and enjoy.

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VIDEO: R&B Artist, Steph Jones’ Loves Me. Lol

OK, he loves all of us. 😉  I’ve never heard of this artist before, but I’m gonna search him out now.  He’s won me over.  Not to mention his pic on his cover is CUTE!, […]

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