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Depression, Politics and Relationships

With Valentine’s Day coming and elections being held, we can all use a lesson in keeping it real. Here’s an good article from the Huffington Post by Michael Yapko, Clinical Psychologist, Author This week’s election […]

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FOF #1029 – Relationship Status

Writer Byron Flitsch talks about relationships from the perspective of a gay man living in Chicago. The good, the bad, the ones that last and the ones that make a lasting impression. Also, another Chicago drag queen goes to jail for beating up a contest judge with a trophy she didn’t win.

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FOF #928 – Wines to Make Your Love Grow

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and we have the delightful Alpana Singh on today’s show to talk about wines to share with your loved ones. Alpana Singh is a master sommelier, blogger and […]

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FOF #776 – Alpana’s Summer Wines

In the camp classic Myra Brenkinridge, Mae West sang that to experience life fully “You’ve gotta taste all the fruit, you’ve gotta drink all the wine.” And boy do we like to enjoy life fully! […]

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FOF #544 – The Joy of Wine

Alpana Singh likes to keep it real. As a young woman who broke many barriers by becoming one of the world’s youngest Master Sommeliers (there are currently only 121 in existence) Alpana has made it […]

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