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FOF #1756 – Love is Blind

We were inspired by the the blog entry “How to Date a Fat Girl” by the Adipose Activist to look at what it’s like to date someone who is different from yourself.

Today, Brian Sweeney joins us to tackle the delicate topic of dating big guys and gals, people of different races, incomes, and backgrounds. Or how to even romance a conjoined twin.

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FOF #1708 – Can I Get an Amen Up in Here

She may look like a crazy big haired church lady, but the Rev. Roger Anthony Yolanda Mapes, or RoYo for short, is a cross-dressing minister of God who brings her sassy brand of gospel music to New York City.

Join us as as we talk to the Rev. Yolanda about gays reclaiming their religion and spirituality, the impact of marriage equality on churches and the dark side of the positive thinking movement.

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FOF #1629 – Kate Bornstein Inside the Belly of Scientology

Writer and performance artist Kate Bornstein, well known for her work as an advocate for trans folks, queer youth and all misfits is coming forward with her amazing story of being a high ranking official in the Church of Scientology and right hand man to founder L. Ron Hubbard in her new book “A Queer and Pleasant Danger: A Memoir.”

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VIDEO: Mrs. Betty Bowers “So Close to Jesus”

As Tim Tebow has relentlessly reminded us, religion is just a competition to show how much closer you are to your deity than everyone else. But nobody is closer to Jesus than America’s Best Christian, […]

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VIDEO: Swedish Techno Rave Church

Church Techno Rave Service by DiagonalView A church in Sweden is using techno music to kure young people to services. Damn does that seem annoying! via Where’s techno viking when you need him to shut […]

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FOFA #1422 – Inside Oral Roberts’ Gay Family

Today were are joined by Randy Roberts Potts, the good-looking grandson of the late Oral Roberts who recently came out as gay. With the recent attention paid to youths dealing with bullying and suicide, Randy wanted to tell his story not just for himself but for his uncle, Ronnie, Oral Robert’s own son who committed suicide in 1982 because he was struggling with being gay himself.

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VIDEO: Jesus Heals a Gay Man

Fun redub of Jesus healing a leper.

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Westboro Baptist Church Watches GLEE

This pic of a young girl from the Westboro Baptist Church wearing a Glee t-shirt at a recent protest has gained a lot of attention on the internet. The person who took the pic says […]

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VIDEO: Comedian Jamie Kilstein on Gay Marriage

Comedian Jamie Kilstein on “The Green Room with Paul Provenza” delivers his thoughts on the marriage equality. The punchline is the best!

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