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PHOTOS: Peaches Christ and Rena Riffel at the Admiral Theater.

Over the weekend, San Francisco cult film icon Peaches Christ and actress Rena Riffel came together to perform a Showgirls tribute at The Admiral Theater, a strip club here in Chicago- it was like slutty Inception in a g-string and high heels. Here are some wicked photos from Friday’s show.

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FOF #1906 – Walking in a Showgirls Wonderland

Although the movie Showgirls bombed at the box office, the director Paul Verhoven’s over the top portrayal of Las Vegas strippers and showgirls quickly became a cult classic.

Listen as Peaches Christ and Rena Riffel join us to talk about the surreal meta experience of performing a Showgirls parody inside a strip club for their B Movie Tribute night.

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FOF #1563 – Muscle Building Myths

When it comes to building muscle, it can feel like you’re at a Mexican flea market, overwhelmed by piñatas, jumping beans, crying children and colored baby chicks.

Let’s bust some popular myths on putting on size and getting that muscular body you see in the magazines- eating late at night, how much protein is enough, the impact of pre-workout energy drinks and what your sore muscles are telling you, if you’re willing to listen.

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FOFA #1130 – Rena Riffel Loves Showgirls

Audiences were horrified when the movie Showgirls came out in 1995. Today it’s a cult classic and one of MGM’s top selling DVD’s of all time.

Rena Riffel, who plays the tragic stripper Penny Hope, joins us over the phone from California to dish the dirt on Showgirls and talk about her upcoming projects which includes a musical version of Showgirls!

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The Showgirl Must Go On! Beyond Showgirls….

Here’s the full length teaser that Rena Riffel, Penny/Hope from Showgirls describes as “11 minutes of cinematic rhinestones.” Enjoy!

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Showgirls Lives on in Rena Riffel

Actress Rena Riffel, who played the dim-witted dancer Penny Hope in the camp classic “Showgirls,” seems to be single handedly revitalizing interest in the film and turn it into a bona fide franchise. Rena is […]

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