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FOF #2337 – The Revenge of Peaches Christ

It’s a lot of fun to watch campy movies where the main character gets their revenge in the most over the top ways against those who truly wronged them. But revenge is a fire that consumes everything, and leaves the person empty inside.

Today Peaches Christ joins us to take a look at vengeful women filled with venomous poison in some of our favorite campy movies- Carrie, Kill Bill, Friday the 13th, Mommie Dearest and She-Devil: which she is parodying at the Castro Theater this summer.

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VIDEO: Revenge in Chicago is Best Served Frozen Solid

Look, I’m from Mississippi, so I don’t know what it’s like to negotiate the snow for two-thirds of the year every year.  What I do know is I HATE cold weather, and I love clever […]

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FOF #473 – Coconuts

Ronnie discovered this unique store in Chicago named Jazze Junque that sells vintage cookie jars and salt & pepper shakers. Naturally, we just HAD to pull her cookie jar out of lay-away and give it to her as a birthday present.

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