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FOF #2082 – Shawn Binder is Embarrassed by Everything

If your happiness relies on what you see on TV, you’re going to be miserable, so why not look to other forms of culture for inspiration. Maybe that’s why young people are turning to the internet for entertainment.

Today we’re joined by writer Shawn Binder, who feels the way gay men are portrayed in the media makes the younglings feel like they are making a terrible, terrible mistake in their lives by being gay.

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Japanese Corn Dog Goes the Extra Mile

As if corn dogs didn’t look like dongs enough already.

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FOF #1549 – The Not So Secret Sex Life of Rick Perry

Everyone in Austin has a crazy sex story about Gov. Rick Perry, but are any of the rumors true, or is this just a way people handle a corrupt sleazy leader?

Talk show host Stephen Rice, who anchors OutCast Austin, the local community LGBT radio program, joins us about Austin’s diverse LGBT community and Stephen shares his thoughts on the stories, truths and myths on Texas’s notorious governor Rick Perry.

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FOF #1498 – The Glorious Klingon War on Christmas

Set your phasers on fun! We had a glorious time as guest stars in the Klingon Christmas Carol. Find out about our backstage shenanigans with the Klingons and Showgirls in Klingon.

Plus Rick Perry is the most hated man on YouTube and the Mayor of San Juan’s strange Christmas card explained.

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Rick Perry has most hated video on YouTube

Rick Perry’s popularity is rising….well rising that is if you hate his latest video where he lambastes the country for allowing gays to openly serve in the military but don’t let the poor little children […]

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IMAGES: Rick Perry’s Brokeback Mountain Coat in his Infamous “Strong” Ad

I thought everyone instantly made the fashion connection when Texas Gov. Rick Perry wore the same camel colored barn coat that Heath Ledger wore in “Brokeback Mountain” in his now infamous “Strong” ad. How funny […]

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VIDEO: Let the Parodies Unfold of Rick Perry’s “Strong” Anti-Gay Ad

Making history as one of the most unpopular videos on YouTube, everybody is scrambling to make a parody video of Rick Perry’s “Strong” Anti-Gay Ad. Besides the excellent one done by Second City, here’s some […]

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VIDEO: Second City Mocks Rick Perry’s “Strong” Ad

That was fast- Second City made a parody of Rick Perry’s Anti-gay, Christmas war ad. Like the jacket in these ads? It worn by Heath Ledger in “Brokeback Mountain.” Oh, the irony. Thanks Heather and […]

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VIDEO: Rick Perry – Soldier in the Christmas Wars

Buffoon first-class Rick Perry is taking sides in the Christmas Wars and he’s on the side of the children! I think Rick Perry’s team knows ridiculous this ad is because it has the comments disabled […]

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PHOTO: Rick Perry Loves Them Corndogs

While campaigning outside Pittsburgh, GOP frontrunner Rick Perry attended a picnic at St Francis of Assisi Catholic Church in Oil City where he enjoyed a foot long corndog while touring the fabulous reproduction of Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel.

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