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FOF #1859 – May the Odds Forever Be in Your Favor

We got excited when our friend Rob Anderson got cast on the reality TV show “Capture” a high tech version of tag where 12 two person teams compete against each other in the woods of California.

Today the openly gay hunks, Rob Anderson and Jacob Kosher from the TV show Capture join us to talk about their adventure on the show and all the behind the scenes action you don’t get to see.

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FOF #1748 – Oscarcast 2013

The 2013 Oscars paid tribute to music in cinema by bringing together actors from three Oscar winning musicals of the last decade — Chicago, Dreamgirls, and Les Miserables Miserable.

Joining us today is comedian Rob Anderson to take a look at year’s Oscars: Moms are the new beard, Adele and Melissa McCarthy are the same person, and forget about getting on the best or worst dressed list- celebrities now worry if their fashion choices will go viral.

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FOF #1740 – Ex Gay Camp

Comedian Rob Anderson wrote Straight Camp- a musical about a teenage musical theater fanatic who gets sent to a gay-to-straight camp. To get a handle on his subject matter, Rob contacted ex-gay ministries pretending he was unsure about being gay.

That’s when the barrage of emails started and his phone would not stop ringing. What he found out will blow your mind. Not surprisingly, a lot of the guys who run these cults are big ol flaming queens.

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