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FOF #2011 – Hilarious Sexual Fetishes

Have you heard of Rule 34? Although it’s a “fake” rule, it speaks the truth: everything is something sexual to somebody.

No matter how outlandish it is, people will find a way to sexualize practically anything. Today we let our freak flag fly freely and take a look at some of the hilarious and kooky sexual fetishes people not only enjoy, but dedicate whole websites to.

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FOF #2007 – Obama Steps His Pussy Up

When we said this year would a whopper for trans rights, we weren’t kidding. President Obama announced an executive order extending employment protections to federal employees on the basis of gender identity.

Joining us today is Parker Marie Molloy, who writes about LGBT news for the Advocate, the New York Times and Rolling Stone. Parker was recently granted the 30 Under 30 award at a public ceremony where she proudly announced to the bewilderment of the crowd that she had a penis.

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Watch Rob Ford, the Hilarious Crack-Smoking Toronto Mayor Rob Ford Knock a Woman Down at a City Council Meeting

Is this even real? Watching Rob Ford’s insane antics makes me think I’m watching Saturday Night Life reruns. RIP Chris Farley. From NBC News: Crack-smoking homophobe Toronto Mayor Rob Ford was stripped of most of […]

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