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FOF #1770 – What’s Love Got to Do With It

Like fuck, love is one of those powerful words that is used to mean just about anything. The most popular type of music is love songs and inside them are some pretty horrible cliches that don’t really help those struggling in the romance department.

Today we take a look at the cliches in some of the most popular love songs and offer some relationship advice on how to stay strong with the one you love.

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Relax Fellow Geeks and Nerds. Roger Ebert Has Apologized.

I must admit, I am a bit of a “gaymer.” I own a Playstation 3, know who Adam Sessler is, and can explain why the Wii’s technology is actually only popular, not technologically advanced. Like […]

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FOF #790 – Chick Flicks for Gay Men

Fellas, we’re doing it for the ladies today! Well, not really. It’s all about how you love the stuff for the ladies. The popularity of the “Sex in the City Movie,” a film adaptation of […]

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