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VIDEO: Romney’s “Fetish” For Police Uniforms

It’s kinda weird to hear Lawrence O’Donell talk about Mitt Romney’s uniform fetish. Apparently, Romney liked to get dressed up like a police officer and pull people over. Can’t wait to find out what Obama […]

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VIDEO: Romney Look-A-Like Fires Santorum at Santorum

In this ridiculous pro Santorum ad, the frothy one is targeted by a Romney look-a-like with what appears to be a gun loaded with santorum.

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Romney Condoms for Your Elite Member

A sure fire boner killer but funny nonetheless- The Romney condom’s pitch: Despite Mitt’s Inability To Stick To A Position, Romney Condoms Are Great For ANY Position. Who’s the Romney Condom for? Anyone with an […]

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VIDEO: Glitterbomber Thwarted by Secret Service

The Secret Service interrupt a glitterbombing of Romney in Colorado.

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GOP Candidates Pledge To ”Investigate Gays” if Elected

NOM, the National Organization for Marriage – – not the sound Maggie G. makes when she’s munching down double-fisted on fried butter sticks in Iowa, has produced another FREAKIN’ GOP Pledge.  In NOM’s pledge, signatories […]

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