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FOF #2620 – A Gay Comedy Terrorist on the Royal Wedding

Admit it. You were a little bit jealous that everyone’s favorite ginger dreamboat Prince Harry finally tied the knot this past weekend to African American actress Meghan Markle.

Today self proclaimed gay comedy terrorist Matt Brown joins us to take a look at Meghan and Harry’s wedding extravaganza, also joining us is Matt’s good Judy Cody Melcher, who just happens to own a red baby grand piano that once belonged to Sir Elton John.

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VIDEO: Man Falls Off at Horse at Royal Wedding

Watch for the poor horseman in full regalia fall off his horse which keeps on going without him at the 0:12 mark. He gets up and stands to the side as the Prince William and […]

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PHOTO: Japanese Artist Carved William and Kate Out of Bananas

Keisuke Yamada has made a personal tribute to newly-married royal couple Prince William and Kate Middleton by carving them out of bananas. Via

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PHOTO: War Room Fashion Combo

It’s the perfect combination of the two major news stories of last week.

VIDEO: The Royal Wedding in 60 Seconds

If you didn’t want to sit through the whole thing here’s the Royal Wedding in 60 seconds. Thanks Michael.

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FOF #1371 – The Royal Family Jewels

You probably know that this past Friday, Prince William married his sweetheart Kate Middleton amidst a sea of crazy hats, royal pageantry and celebrities. What you may have missed though is Prince Harry clutching the family jewels and Kate making a surprisingly funny photo.

And of course, last night, Obama got Osama Bin Laden, the mastermind behind of the attacks of September 11, eight years to the day from Bush’s Mission Accomplished speech.

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Princess Beatrice’s Hat Takes Over the Internet

The great thing about works of art like Princess Beatrice’s hat is that everyone sees what they want to see in it- whether it’s the “Eye of Sauron” or a circus cat jumping through a […]

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PHOTO: It’s a Hard Job to be a Princess

“More tongue and less teeth”

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PHOTO: Prince Harry Grabs His Crotch at Royal Wedding

Prince Harry in blue holds onto the royal jewels as he escorts his brother Prince William in red on his wedding day.

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PHOTO: Gay Rugby Player Gareth Thomas at Royal Wedding

They showed gay rugby player Gareth Thomas on TV right after David Beckham- gay camera men or just sporty?

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