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FOF #2394 – What Would a Drag Queen Do?

When you think like a drag queen, you can overcome just about anything and become a whole new you. You can turn trash into treasure.

Today, drag queen expert Jackie Huba joins us to talk about her new book FIERCELY YOU: Be Fabulous and Confident by Thinking Like a Drag Queen.

FOF #2393 – Alaska Serves Up A Lil’ Poundcake

All Stars 2 is everything and a bucket of chicken- it takes the world’s favorite drag queen tv show and cranks up the fashion, the lip syncs and the “shade of it all” to epic levels.

Today, one of the most loved drag queens from RuPaul’s Drag Race, Alaska Thunderfuck, joins us to serve up a big cup of piping hot tea for all the thirsty children.

FOF #2382 – We Are All Stars Too

RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars is now back, and this time it’s doing everything that Drag Race does best: campy drama, wacky talent shows and wild drag queens untethered.

Today, we give you the run-down on the all new RuPauls’ Drag Race All Stars 2, the All Stars Cast Iconic Looks of VMAs and what to expect from the series.

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FOF #2381 – Love and Hate 4 Cher and Trump

Trump may be sucking up the LGBT people but nobody’s buying it, especially Cher who just called him a fucking idiot.

Joining us today is writer Derek Elliot Bagley who is worried that now that LGBT folks are part of mainstream politics, we are losing what makes us special and that we may miss out on the chance to change the world.

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FOF #1685 – Pandora Boxx Opens Up

A dark cloud hung over our sweet friend Pandora Boxx, because she was paired up with drag queen Mimi Imfurst on RuPaul’s All-Stars Drag Race ,she realized they’d both be eliminated quickly. She was right.

Listen as we chat with Pandora Boxx about how she and her teammate came to blows, how they overcame all that negativity, and Pandora’s fabulous new song “Nice Car, (Shame About your Penis).”

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FOF #1684 – The Vindication of Mimi

Not wanting to be forever cast as the crazy bitch, Mimi Imfurst was driven to get on RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars so she could show the world a little more of her better self.

Unfortunately for Mimi and her team mate Pandora Boxx, it didn’t go so well.

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FOF #1654 – Michelle Visage’s Sneak Peek at RuPaul’s Drag Race

We’re dishing it up with Michelle Visage, RuPaul’s soul sister, who serves up reality TV judge realness on Drag Race.

The pop diva is tied up in our home studio and we’re trying to break her iron will to get her to reveal the secrets of RuPaul’s Drag Race Season Five, and All-Stars.

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