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Ding-Dong! Avon Calling!

Children of the 70s like me remember some pretty interesting things. One of those things was my mom meeting with her Avon representative, trying out the latest lipsticks and perfumes. In our household, our Avon […]

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FOF #745 – Adult Baby Party

Waah! Sometimes you feel like a big baby and wish all you had to worry about was learning how to walk and when your next feeding will be. But let’s face it, the world of […]

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FOF #742 – Live from Steamworks

It’s the show you’ve all been waiting for, our LIVE podcast from Steamworks! Of all places indeed. We packed up the microphones and recording equipment and took our booties down to the “Sexiest Place on […]

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FOF #724 – Rejuvinating Orgasms

Feel like screaming in ecstasy? Go ahead. Moaning in pleasure doesn’t just feel good, it may actually be good for you. An article about orgasms from the Russian news website Pravda sheds some light into […]

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FOF #722 – Drag Wars

Oh girlfriend, it’s getting vicious on one page of our comments thread. In case you don’t subscribe to comments on the blog entries, you may have missed an intense exchange by most of Chicago drag […]

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FOF #715 – Double Cut Porkchop

Let’s talk about this seasons Fox television reality series American Idol. Did you get to see the incredible David Archuleta singing John Lennon’s “Imagine” this past week? I swear he grabbed my heart with his […]

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FOF #710 – Stunning

Stunning! Stunning! We’re all stunned by Robbie D’s remix of Calpernia Addams new song “Stunning.” It is a super pop trash hit that is sure to rise to the top of the club charts. We […]

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FOF #702 – The 702 Club

It’s hard to believe that we are into our fourth year of podcasting! With so many shows under our belt we decided to assemble a clip show to commemorate the good times. Welcome to the […]

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FOF #622 – Baby Can Dance

On today’s show we talking with our Los Angeles pal Marsian De Lellis, who performed at the VERY first Feast of Fools show, in the Spring of 2008. Marsian has been super duper busy studying […]

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FOF #402 – Freaky Bird Room

We all want to go back to Disneyland! Honestly, we had so much fun in California, first at our live show at Micky’s in West Hollywood, then spending the whole day at Disneyland, and then […]

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