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FOF #2031 – 17 Years A Showgirl

After 17 years of doing stage parodies of the movie Showgirls, San Francisco drag icon Peaches Christ is still not “too old for that ‘whorey look.’”

Showgirls bombed when it first hit theaters in 1995. Since then the movie has become a cult hit, in part thanks to dedicated and demented fans like Peaches Christ, who keep audiences excited for this oddball camp classic.

Listen as Peaches Christ shares with us some special moments she had with the recently deceased comedian Robin WIlliams.

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FOF #2008 – Red White and Peaches Christ

Something truly awful is happening to Pride Parades across the country. After years of being a rallying point for LGBT folks, the parades now attract an overwhelming number of people who are interested in having a good time and could care less about equality or community building.

Today, Peaches Christ joins us to talk about what we can do to make Pride Parades meaningful again.

FOF #1964 – Heklina’s Trouble with Trannyshack

For decades Heklina has been hosting the world’s longest running drag show in San Francisco: Trannyshack. Heklina is such an institution we’re kinda surprised she isn’t on display at a museum in the Castro.

Now there’s rumors that Heklina is contemplating changing the name of her infamous night to T-Shack. Is she finally getting with the times or is she just selling out to expand her brand?

FOF #1709 – How to Put on a Show

Everyone in San Francisco loves Peaches Christ’s movie events where she and her drag queen gal pals put on a crazy little show before the screening of a cult film, on time.

How does she do it?

Listen as we talk about how you too can put on a fabulous show in your neck of the woods, and get all the drag queens to show up on time.

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FOF #1632 – Lindsay Lohan’s Ridiculous Life

Inspired by the powerful interview Lindsay Lohan did for Vanity Fair, writer and drag queen D’arcy Drollinger created Project Lohan, a story of Lindsay’s life as told using only quotes from media sources. Join us as we chat with D’arcy about the ridiculous life of Lindsay Lohan.

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FOF #1628 – The Olympic Olympics

Before we started the Feast of Fun podcast, we use to put on a drag queen variety shows called Feast of Fools.

Today, we’re dusting off one of our favorite chestnuts from that era – the Olympic Olympics- a skit in which a foolhardy drag queen wants to go under the knife in order to qualify in the sport of women’s solo synchronized swimming.

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VIDEO: Gay History Lives in the Thrillpeddler’s New Show “Vice Palace”

It’s video trailers like this that make me wish I lived in San Francisco. Check out this trailer for the Thrillpeddlers theater company’s new play – Vice Palace, a modern update of the Cockette’s notorious […]

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FOF #1379 – Hooked on a Feeling

Actor Joshua Devore is a jack of all trades, and by trade and jack, we really mean it. Better known as adult film star Tober Brandt, Joshua started out as a baptist minister, then turned into a muscle hunk who starred in Titan Media and Chi-Chi Larue’s films.

He’s now taking a new turn in the San Fransisco based Thrillpeddlers theater company’s new play – Vice Palace, a modern update of the Cockette’s notorious show “There’s Blood on Your Face” that starred Divine and Mink Stole.

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Good Morning America: Britney LIVE in the Castro

Morning Wood: Britney Spears will be performing live on Good Morning America to promote her new album on March 29 from San Francisco!

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Castro Street Shootings Turn ”Pink Saturday” Red.

One of the most wonderful traditions of Pride Weekend in San Francisco is the “Pink Saturday” celebration on Castro Street on the Saturday night before Pride.  The streets are closed to traffic and revelers and […]

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