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FOF #829 – Stoking the Fire

Rick Stokes did what almost every gay man in Kansas did back in the 1950s- he got married to a woman. His wife knew that he had a number of gay experiences before they got […]

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FOF #827 – Hard to Say Goodbye

We couldn’t stay away from the City By the Bay, so we stayed one more day with Kevin who is fabulous! And gay. So gay he makes a rainbow flag seem modest. Being in San […]

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FOF #825 – Is This DEEE-END of Trannyshack?

I love having celebrities in my hotel room. On today’s show we’ve got three delicious stars in our penthouse suite at the Hotel Mark Twain in San Francisco- Peaches Christ, Heklina, and Lady Miss Kier! […]

FOF #824 – Finding Gold in San Francisco

If you’re looking for gold in San Francisco, you can find it in the hearts and minds of every creative spirit that resides in the city, and in the warm hospitality we’ve found at the […]

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FOFA #685 – Peaches Christ Will Save You

WWPCW? What Would Peaches Christ Watch? A campy horror film with lots of gratuitous sex, violence and wild women on the verge of insanity, of course! Brainchild of filmmaker Joshua Grannell, Peaches Christ is well […]

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