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VIDEO: Drunk Santa

Perfect for the holidays! A drunk Santa is caught on a surveillance camera relieving himself, collapsing onto a car and frightening unsuspecting elevator riders. It’s probably fake but it sure is fun.

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Santa With Butt Plug

Christmas tree or a butt plug?  Massive sculpture by artist Paul McCarthy.  It also comes in  chocolate.  There is a video of chocolate butt plug santas being made  here.   Perfect gift for a power […]

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FOF #1113 – Incredibly Strange Christmas Music, Vol. 2

Christmas is so bizarre- the loud colors, the strange rituals and the omnipotent bearded Santa all lend a special psychedelic flavor to the winter months.

Listen to our annual collection of lesser known Incredibly Strange Christmas Music. Buy the music and make a trashy Christmas mix CD!

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FOF #1107 – Sabrina Matthew’s Keen Eye

Comedian Sabrina Matthews was scuba diving off the coast of Myanmar when she was attacked by a barracuda that sliced through her diving mask and slit her left eyeball wide open.

A year and several operations later, she sees the world in a whole new way so please join us as Sabrina fill us in on her life and experience as a stand up comedian. In the news: Funny food from Down Under, Sexy Santas and fish that safe to eat.

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