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FOF #858 – Climb Aboard the Pumpkin Boat

Rub-a-dub dub, three homos in a pumpkin boat! A Wisconsin resident is making news for carving a boat out of a giant pumpkin! How cute is that? Will eco-friendly pumpkin boats become the must-have lesbian […]

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FOF #854 – Round Two, Obama Vs. McCain

Ding ding, Round Two! Barak Obama and John McCain face-off once again in the fight for America’s Presidency, stabilizing the economy and our hearts. What was up with that red carpet? It hurt my eyes! […]

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FOF #850 – Bears, Broadway and Beyond

For people who want to experience the thrill of a Broadway show, they no-longer have to travel to Manhattan, many of the big hits on Broadway are now making their first run in theaters all […]

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FOF #843 – The Pulse on Boystown

On today’s show we have Nirmalpal Sachdev, the general manager of Steamworks and Sean Kotwa, the gayest manager at the gay nightclub Hydrate who have the pulse on Chicago’s gay neighborhood – Boystown. They’re here […]

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