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FOF #2539 – Eddie Izzard Saved My Life

Art matters because it helps us to connect with culture to better understand who we are. As LGBT folks, we often draw inspiration to come out of the closet and tell others our stories of who we are because of the artists we admire.

Today comedian Cody Melcher joins to talk about the artists and entertainers who have motivated us to fiercely be ourselves and how folks can to do the same for others through their art.

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FOF #2538 – Do Drag Queens Dream of Electronic Meet and Greets?

In Blade Runner 2049, a Los Angeles Police officer unearths a long-buried secret that could plunge society into chaos so he sets off in search of answers from the original Blade Runner who has been missing for 30 years.

Today cyber-sexy Drag queen Fox E Kim joins us to take a look at the New Blade Runner 2049 film. Will everyone in the future be able to program themselves the perfect lover?

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FOF #2001 – 2001: A Space Oddity

Due to illness, our 2000th podcast retrospective has been delayed. Many of you are itching for new podcast to listen to, so we are releasing one we did with Peaches Christ early for the Plus members.

Today Peaches Christ joins us to take a look at some of our favorite moments in sci-fi films. Why are robots so gay? Is Rocky Horror Picture Show really Sci Fi? And Sluts a Go-Go, the San Francisco drag troupe that created the film Vegas in Space.

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FOF #1665 – Revenge of the Nerds

At one point in time comic books, sci-fi and computers were seen as fringe elements. Now, nerd culture is a billion dollar industry- the biggest films, books and expos are all about the geeky things that used to get you beat up.

The very funny and expert on everything Brian Sweeney, joins us to talk about what we lose and gain as nerd culture goes mainstream, and how to prepare for when LGBT culture hits the big time.

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Delicious Borg Cube Wedding Cake

Resistance is futile. Your cake will be assimilated. Then it will be eliminated.

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PHOTO: Behind the Scenes Sneak Photo of Star Trek 2 Movie

I can’t wait for the second  JJ Abrams Star Trek movie, and here’s the first teaser, an accidentally leaked photo of some guy visiting the set. You know that’s the last time he’ll ever be invited. […]

Video: Doctor Who Series 6 Trailer

This is Ryan with 300 words (or less) to make your Monday a little less taxing with the new trailer for Doctor Who: Series 6! And I just have to say, those doll faced lifeforms […]

Sex or Die for Trees

What the sci-fi geeks have always known about clones! You can’t clone something indefinitely. Certain trees are able to clone themselves, but they can’t do it forever. Scientists have found that genetic mutations gradually build […]

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Time is Running Out

This is Ryan with 300 words (or less) to make your Monday a little less taxing. The Lodger, the 11th episode in the 5th Series of Dr. Who premiered this weekend in the UK & […]

Spainish Scientists Clone a Fighting Bull

It’s the same process they used for cloning Dolly the sheep but it seems almost nightmarish if he’s to live over and over again just to die at the hands of a matador. Maybe I […]

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