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FOF #2683 – Wild Sexy Science

Scientists can get a little freaky when the lab coats come off and the real hard work of gathering empirical evidence regarding sex and sexuality begins. Who knew science could be so sexy?

Today Brian Sweeney joins us to take a look at some of the most memorable, wildest and hilarious scientific studies that we’ve reported on our show.

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FOF #2445 – The Biology of Homosexuality

You only have to look at ancient art and writings to know that among human beings, same-sex attraction has existed across time and cultures. But in our culture, studying homosexuality comes with a lot of baggage so it’s difficult making sense of why so many of us are gay.

oday, scientist Vince Gabrielle joins us to take a look at the sexy science of homosexuality

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FOF #2390 – Queer Science

It’s no secret that LGBT folks have had a profound influence on the arts but they’ve also had a tremendous effect on scientific discovery even though they often had to hide who they were.

Today, we are joined by science journalist Vincent Gabrielle to explore the lives of extraordinary LGBT scientists who changed the world.

FOF #2013 – Pull My Finger

Farts may be silent, but they are far from deadly. According to a new study, farts may serve a greater function, helping the body prevent heart attacks, strokes, dementia and even cancer. No joke.

Today, we pull what fingers our guest Tommy Holl has left as we take a look at the health benefits of farts, and lots more.

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The NASA Mohawk Guy is Interviewed on NPR’s Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me.

Listen as Bobak Ferdowsi and Adam Steltzner are interviewed about their jobs at NASA, their hair styles, and then play “Not My Job.”  

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FOF #1526 – The Purpose of Sexual Diversity

Let’s face it, people have been getting their groove on in many colorful ways since the dawn of time, and even animals do a lot of what we’re doing in the bedroom out in the open.

Today we take a look at the evolutionary advantages of kissing, moaning, boobs, blow jobs, same-sex and anal sex have in keeping people and their communities healthy.

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Black and White, Gay and Straight Twins

Man do I identify with these guys. You wouldn’t believe how ugly and mean people can be when you look a certain way but don’t match their expectations of an ethnic and cultural background. James […]

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VIDEO: Bill Nye STUPEFIED by Idiot FoxNews Anchor!

Bill Nye’s reaction is priceless.  While talking about newly discovered volcanoes on the  far side of the moon, the anchor asks if the discovery disproves climate change.  ROFL!!  Bill Nye slowly but surely reassures the […]

VIDEO: ”STORM” a Brilliant Graphic Poem Written by Tim Minchin

The poet Tim Minchin wrote it, but lots of people were involved in the graphic aspects (credit due.)  Really good poem about why the scientific method is so powerful, and the imitators thereof are bullshit. […]

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FOF #1357 – Tranny 3000 BC

Move over Raquel Welch! There’s a new pre-historic diva making headlines across the world and she’s 997,000 years younger than you. Archaeologists have discovered a 5,000-year-old skeleton which they believe is the remains of a transgender person.

Found in the suburbs of Prague, the male skeleton was found buried in the same manner as women who were laid to rest at that time.

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