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Captain America’S “Super Soldier Training”: Body of a Superhero!

Heroes need to be quick and have the ability to call upon each and every muscle fiber at a moment’s notice! But we all don’t have a vial of Captain America’s “Super Solider Serum” laying […]

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FOF #1415 – Scott Herman is the Captain America of Fitness

The hot days of summer are finally here but it’s not too late to get that beach body you’ve always wanted.

Today Scott Herman, one of our favorite fitness experts and YouTube hunks talks with us about getting into the best shape possible so you can feel fit and enjoy the rest of your summer.

VIDEO: Scott Herman’s “Quadzilla to the MAX!”

This routine is NOT for the light of heart…. Or legs. By the time you are done you will feel like you are walking on air; because someone will be carrying you out of the […]

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VIDEO: Scott Herman’s Operation EVOLVE: 2011 Cabin Fever Fitness!

Stuck indoors? Going CRAZY? Well I have the perfect routine for you! Tighten up those BUNS and THIGHS in your very own home with “Operation EVOLVE: 2011 Cabin Fever Fitness!” These simple 6 exercises will […]

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FOFA #1246 – Scott Herman Explores Ten Reasons Why You’re Not in the Shape You Want to Be

Fitness expert and reality TV hunk Scott Herman joins us take a look at ways you may be sabotaging yourself, why too much fruit is not good for you, how getting mad makes you fat, booze, muscle memory and the myth of discipline.

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VIDEO: Scott Herman’s Valentine’s Day ”Leave Cupid at Home” Couples Workout!

Looking for something extra special to do together this Valentine’s Day? You are going to have to burn off those extra chocolate calories somehow right? This couple’s workout is great for anyone that is looking […]

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VIDEO: Operation EVOLVE 2011: New Year Annihilation ”15 Minutes of FAME and SWEAT”

The New Year is HERE!! In fact, it has been here for about a Month… so that means it is about that time to give you an EXTRA kick in the butt to maintain your […]

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VIDEO: Break It! Burn It! Blast It! Abdominal Destruction Workout!

As we begin to bring in the New Year it’s about that time we all look in the mirror and say… LET’s BRING IN THESE ABS!!! Start your new year off right with this super […]

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VIDEO: No Weight ”At Home” Contraction Workout!

This routine is perfect for those who just can’t make it to the gym or want to get an AWESOME pump before going out for the night. By contracting/flexing your muscles as hard as you […]

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24 Sets to a BIGGER BACK!

A big broad back really helps define the rest of the body, especially when it tapers into your small waist line! This workout will help your broaden AND strengthen your back to help increase your […]

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