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VIDEO: Scott Herman’s “Shoulder Shockaah Workout!”

Sometimes you just need to hit those shoulders haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahd!! 🙂 They make you look bigger in a tank and nice deltoids are noticed by all so!! Tear it up, be safe, and have fun!

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VIDEO: Scott Herman’s Blast Your Legs: Hams, Glutes and Calves!

Looking for a fun new way to tear up those legs?!?  Well, I got the PERFECT routine for you right here!!

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VIDEO: The Trevor Project- Supporting Our LGBT Youth 24/7

I am going to be participating in an event on October 21st in NYC to help with suicide prevention among our LGBT youth. Please take a couple minutes to check out the video I made […]

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VIDEO: Scott Herman’s Killer Tricep Workout

Everyone knows the biggest part of the arm is the TRICEP! So let’s spend some time this week on some exercises that target the tricep so it can grow and send a message all the […]

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VIDEO: Tuesday Tune-Up!! ”Big Broad Back! Build That V-Cut!”

This is a great routine to switch up your back workout.  It is essential to be able to do Pull-Ups when trying to build a sexy V-Cut back.  Remember, most gyms have a “Pull-Up assist” […]

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FOF #1246 – Scott Herman Explores Ten Reasons Why You’re Not in the Shape You Want to Be

Fitness expert and reality TV hunk Scott Herman joins us take a look at ways you may be sabotaging yourself, why too much fruit is not good for you, how getting mad makes you fat, booze, muscle memory and the myth of discipline.

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VIDEO: Scott Herman Teaches You How to Model Your Abs

Make sure to use his techniques in your next ab modeling session!

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FOF #1177 – Bright Lights, Big City

Small towns are starting to embrace the gays, but for some people, the big city is the answer to all their problems. Today blogger Ryan Justice rolls out the Big Gay Welcome Wagon, his blog dedicated to the needs of small town gays who move to big cities in search of happiness.

Plus: Grace Jones says she’s “pissed” at Lady Gaga, a couple is arrested for providing breast implants without medical training, Scott Herman’s bold red suit, and a rooster crows “cock a doodle don’t” and becomes a hen.

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VIDEO: Scott Herman’s Tips on Drinking and Fitness

Our favorite fitness expert and video blogging hunk Scott Herman talks about how alcohol makes your body struggle when you’re trying to lose weight.

Plus- some interesting ideas on how to monitor your drinking without putting on the extra pounds!

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Scott Herman’s Dorky but Adorable Rapping Video for Marriage Equality

What do you think about Scott Herman’s cute but awkward attempts to rap in support for marriage equality? Is that Ryan Conklin from Real World in the background?

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