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FOF #1122 – The Best Church of God Will Make You a Believer

Hallelujah! Get ready for a hilarious musical treat with Sister Erica Elam and Brother Mike Descoteaux, from the Best Church of God, the only Church with a 110% approval rating from Jesus.

Listen as we conjure up the holy spirit and learn musical comedy techniques from masters at the legendary Second City with an improvised song about adult film star Pavel Novotny.

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FOF #1098 – Is It Too Late to Say “Yes We Can?”

Jim Bennet of GayCo, the gay sketch comedy troupe that sprouted from Second City is back with “The Audacity of Nope.” The skits touch on the feelings of many who worked in earnest to get Obama elected who now feel like they’ve been duped.

Plus: Microsoft’s awkward attempt at a viral video, Sarah Palin Glenn Beck as a possible future running mate and our Holiday T-Shirt Contest!

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FOF #1063 – The Best Church of God Will Save Your Soul

Aemilia Scott and Mike Descoteaux from the Best Church of God play music from their show and reflect on the bizarre world of religion. Beyonce is set to perform in the Muslim city of Kuala Lumpur, will she be doing “Single Ladies” in a burqua?

FOF #842 – Laughter Fluffer

On today’s show we’ve got the delightful Jacob Hatchkevitch, a Chicago comic actor and writer who’s busy planning several exciting events with his comedy troupe – Laughter Fluffers. Check out his upcoming shows- Bob Rauschenburg […]

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Jim Bennet’s Gay Voice

After the GayCo Show “Whitney Houston We Have a Problem!” we talked to Chicago funnyman Jim Bennet about his wonderful “gay voiced” character, a powerful media mogul who just doesn’t seem to like anything he […]

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FOF #760 – If It Ain’t GayCo, Don’t Fix It

Aren’t they cute? Comedians Jim Bennet and Andy Eninger from GayCo, the Chicago based queer comedy troupe join us today to celebrate over a decade of fun-filled shows. GayCo began as a lesbigay focused workshop […]

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