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Sex Explained With Pens

I guess this is safe for work, as long as you’re not working at an office supply shop. – Via 9Gag

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Noisy Sex Lady at It Again

I woman who was legally barred from making noise during sex is at it again much to the dismay of her neighbors.

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Cowboy Man Candy

I should have just watched this for the man candy instead of seeing New Moon.

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FOFA #463 – Weird Science

Interview with British writer Grant Stoddard who wrote a colum on called “I Did it for Science” where he went on assignments exploring the outlandish, extreme or unusual in sex.

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FOF #591 – Splish Splash

Curtis Jensen was an early bloomer. Coming out at the age of 14, he was caught on the phone by his mother trying to pick up a guy twice his age. At the age of […]

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