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FOF #2076 – Kim Chi’s Tangy House of Style

Chicago drag queen Kim Chi named herself after the Korean spicy pickled cabbage. Her feathery sense of style combines an Asian esthetic with high fashion. One of her drag gal pals Trannika Rex describes her as Margaret Cho in a funhouse mirror because she’s 6 foot three, out of heels.

Listen as Kim Chi takes us on all you can eat buffet of Korean culture, from Psy’s Gangam Style phenomena, to Asian drag and the gay scene in Kore

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FOF #2052 – Three Guys and a Podcast

Comedian Jeffrey Jay, one of the most lovable trans guys you’ll ever meet, left Texas for L.A. to pursue his comedy career. Since then he’s teamed up with Beau Bowker and James Ponce to do a podcast called Two Black Women even though there’s not even one black woman on the show let alone two.

Listen as we talk about how they chose the odd name for the podcast. Also who is sexier- Beau or James, and the appeal of size to certain queens.

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FOF #2043 – 32 Ounces

32 ounces! 32 ounces! If you don’t have 32 ounces of premium silicone lube, you’re practically dry and celibate.

We get a lot of crazy stuff in the mail, most of it is care packages, promotional items, gift certificates and perverse comic books, but this one really wets our whistle.

Imagine our surprise when we opened up the mail and got deluged in lube. Honey these bottles are big.

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FOF #2011 – Hilarious Sexual Fetishes

Have you heard of Rule 34? Although it’s a “fake” rule, it speaks the truth: everything is something sexual to somebody.

No matter how outlandish it is, people will find a way to sexualize practically anything. Today we let our freak flag fly freely and take a look at some of the hilarious and kooky sexual fetishes people not only enjoy, but dedicate whole websites to.

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FOF #2010 – Bye Bye Bill Cruz

We first met Bill Cruz 13 years ago in Chicago when he was a young man just getting into stand up comedy. At the time, he seemed to be the only out gay comedian in town. We were thrilled to have him perform at our live show held at a Vietnamese banquet hall.

Sadly, our friend Bill is moving to Los Angeles to pursue comedy. Lucky for you, he’s in the studio one more time before the big move.

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FOF #2004 – Surviving the RuPocalypse

Imagine a world nearly destroyed by nuclear holocaust except for a few survivors whose new religion is based on ancient TV shows and long dead rock stars. That’s the world of Dystopia Rising- a Live Action Role Playing event where drag queens battle zombies in the backwoods of Texas.

Joining us today is Dr. Sarah Lynne Bowman, who navigates this make believe world where RuPaul’s Drag Race is a major religion and a resurrected Sharon Needles may hold the secret to ending the zombie wars.

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FOF #1986 – 5 Biggest Mistakes Gay Men Make in Relationships

As Marriage Equality sweeps the nation, many gay couples are facing some difficult expectations when it comes to their relationships.

Listen as Damon L. Jacobs talks about the five biggest mistakes gay men make in relationships, why nagging doesnt work and how to build trust again after a great betrayal.

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FOF #1978 – Madison Hinton Wants You to Step Yo Pussy Up

There’s still a lot of hot talk happening over banning language in reaction to the She-Male challenge on RuPaul’s Drag Race and the show’s removal of the phrase “You Got She-Male.”

Today the fabulous and SHE-larious Madison Hinton, joins us to talk in-depth about the DragRace/She-Male/Trans language controversy, and why it’s not such a bad thing for folks to be caught up in this hot debate.

FOF #1965 – Don’t Hate Me Cause I Make Sexy Movies

Ever since he was a teenager, writer Conner Habib dreamed of being a famous porn star. One day his dream came true, and Conner became a porn star at the age of thirty.

Today Conner Habib joins us to take a look at the gritty, hilarious and sexy world of porn. Why some people just can’t get past the taboo. Listen as Conner blasts some common myths surrounding why people get into the business.

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FOF #1955 – The Man Who Created Scruff

If you’re gay and have a beard, chances are it’s because of a man named Johnny Scruff. One of the most popular gay hookup apps, SCRUFF began as a way for hairy guys to get together, but it’s growing into something much bigger.

Today we chat with Johnny Skandros better known as Johnny Scruff, about how he started Scruff from his mom’s living room with his buddy Eric Silverberg and the challenges the start-up faces in being one of the top social networking apps.

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