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FOF #2772 – Shannon Noll is Hot

Comedian Shannon Noll’s new web series “Just Call Me Ripley” is a hit at film festivals. Despite the success, Shannon is getting pushback at auditions for looking masculine but sounding feminine. What’s a non-binary butch comedian to do?

Today the hilarious Shannon Noll joins us to talk about working as a trans actor when casting directors want you to cross-cross dress as the gender you were assigned at birth.

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FOF #2752 – Shannon Noll is Ripley, Believe It or Not

Since no one really issues you a gay card, there’s nothing to revoke when your fabulous new life doesn’t conform to other people’s view of who you’re supposed to be.

Today, comedian Shannon Noll joins us to talk about their new web series, Just Call Me Ripley – the story of a directionless bagel shop employee figuring out where they fit in the wild rainbow prism world of gender and sexual expression.

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FOF #2457 – Up Past Bedtime

On the day that SNL writer Katie Rich was suspended for tweeting that the youngest son of the president “will be this country’s first homeschool shooter,” comedian Shannon Noll was just starting to promote a variety show that placed the boy as sympathetic character in the center of a political comedy.

Today, Shannon Noll joins us to talk to about the controversy of comedians poking fun at the president’s kids and how to handle the haters online.

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FOF #2280A – Shannon Noll is Genderqueer and Loving it

Our guest today is comedian Shannon Noll, who awoke her same-sex desires during an acting class exercise and then went home to tell her boyfriend all about it.

Besides bearing an uncanny physical resemblance to Ellen DeGeneres, Shannon is an amazing comic and on the side works as a double decker bus tour guide in downtown Chicago where she makes things up as she goes along- just like this podcast.

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FOF #2280B – Shannon Noll is Genderqueer and Loving it

In part two of our podcast “Shannon Noll is Genderqueer and Loving it” we continue our conversation with comedian Shannon Noll about her sexual and gender awakening, and the heated debate over square cut vs pie cut pizza and what shape of boob fascinate Shannon.

Plus, is Marco Rubio a closet gay Republican?

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