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FOF #2479 – Angry, Drunk, Lonely and in Drag

Our gal pal Alex Kay got pissed off at us for putting her on blast- after a rough night out at the bars, Alex vented her frustrations on social media and then deleted her post shortly thereafter but not before we got a hold of it and did a whole podcast about it. Uh oh!

Today, Alex Kay joins us to talk about feeling isolated even when you’re in the middle of of a happening scene and the everyday struggle drag queens face balancing the masculine and feminine in the world.

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FOF #1843 – Hop Aboard Matteo Lane’s Bait Bus

Sometimes when we have a sexy gay guy on the show, he nervously brings a friend along to keep us from hitting on him. Nice try Matteo, it never works.

Today the hilarious, Matteo Lane joins us with his hunky, muscular friend Evan Williams to talk about their rising careers as comedians in New York City or maybe Matteo brought Evan along because he thinks this podcast is some kind bait bus.

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Swimming with a Great White Shark

YouTube I wonder why that great white shark didn’t take a bite of the scuba diver swimming along.

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VIDEO: Shark Week Uses Lady Gaga’s “Show Me Your Teeth” for Promo

Lady Gaga’s “Show Me your Teeth” as a promo fo Shark Week? There must be a gay person in marketing at the Discovery channel.

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VIDEO: Killer Whales Attack Great White Sharks and Win

Who is at the top of the marine food chain now?

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PHOTO: Paris Hilton vs Jaws, Who Will Win?

Here is a recent picture by Bauer Griffin of Paris Hilton, the socialite everyone loves to hate. Thanks to Miguel from D-Listed, here’s what the photo should have been:

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