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IMAGE: Beware She Wolf

My friend Eric found this graffiti in Istanbul that declares “Beware She Wolf.” He knows I love a good she wolf so he sent it to me.

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FOF #1616 – 50 Ways to Ditch a Drag Queen

You’re in for a real treat!

The boys from Feast of Fun are taking a little break from doing the show, so they asked me, Saltina Obama Bouvier, a glamourpoous drag queen to do the show for them. I also brought along my sidekick Daphne Dumount. You might not like her though.

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FOF #1403 – A Date with Destiny

Hi there everyone- it’s me Saltina Obama Bouvier, we have an amazing show for you today.

Marc and Fausto are too busy celebrating Pride to do this podcast, and so I took it upon myself to fill in while the boys are out to play. Once again, the women have to do all the work the men don’t want to do. Oh, and Daphne is here too.

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FOF #1084 – Mark of the She-Wolf

Marc and Fausto perform a comedy skit about a man who is bitten by a she wolf and becomes a tranny werewolf. In the news: Hate crime bill signed, “Masculine Health Day” in China, and an iPhone ap that drives a car.

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