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FOF #2764 – Sherry Vine is Coming to Your Corner

When you’re buried under a TV show that doesn’t even recognize your existence and you’re just a blip in the latest big documentary on drag, you gotta keep on hustling to maintain that legendary status that few queens like Sherry Vine can claim.

Today, Sherry Vine joins us to talk about her amazing 28 year career in drag and her secret meeting with other legendary drag queens where they had to figure out what to do with RuPaul‘s Drag Race.

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FOF #2581 – Bedrooms and Lattes

One day on a whim, musical theater performer J Tyler posted photos of himself drinking his morning coffee in his well lit bedroom and it captured the imagination of folks on Instagram.

Listen as photographer, performer and #instagay JTyler Whitmer joins us to talk about his unlikely career as a sex symbol with a passion for design. Plus: What about that photo of him with It Gets Better Dan Savage’s husband Terry Miller?

FOF #1710 – Sherry Vine’s Dreams Come True

Drag queen Sherry Vine spills the tea on her TV variety show She’s Living For It, where she and her drag queen gal pals serve up Carol Burnett realness with some really corny jokes.

Listen as Sherry talks about being hand picked to appear on RuPaul’s 1993 Christmas Special, her soul sisterhood with Jackie Beat.

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VIDEO: Sherry Vine Parodies “Born This Way”

Drag Queen Sherry Vine figures out what rhymes with “born” for this parody of Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way.” We really love the idea of drag queens going green!

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VIDEO: Sherry Vine Does Peacock Parody in 3-D (NSFW)

Sherry Vine made a parody of Katy Perry’s Peacock in 3D. Did you keep your pair of 3-D glasses from seeing Avatar? I don’t know if they’ll work here or not. I have a pair […]

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VIDEO: Queens of Drag: NYC, Ep. 1, Sherry Vine

Here’s the Queens of Drag: NYC webisode that we talked about a few weeks ago with drag sensation, Sherry Vine. Listen to our interview with Sherry here.

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FOF #1241 – Sherry Vine is Taking Over YouTube

Listen up my little monster babies! We couldn’t bring you Lady Gaga, but we’ve got the next best thing- Sherry Vine. She’s hot, very funny and very, very sexy. Sherry Vine is what YouTube is all about!

Join us as Sherry discusses the challenges of making parody videos on YouTube and why gay people are held to higher standards for online content.

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FOF #1218 – Understudy to the Divas

Joining us today is Deven Green to talk about Green Bay, Wisconsin’s Pride Alive Festival, Twisted Fairy Tales and the world’s first public appearance of Betty Bowers, America’s Best Christian.

Later on blogger Michael Lehet joins us to take a look at President Obama’s new National AIDS Strategy and Clay Aiken on Don’t Ask Don’t Tell.

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Sherry Vine’s parody of Alejandro with an underlying message for closeted homophobes.

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VIDEO: Sherry Vine & Peppermint’s Take on Lady Gaga’s Telephone

Drag queen Sherry Vine couldn’t rest on the success of her hit parody video of Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance.” Now known as Lady Caca, Sherry Vine has teamed up with her gal pal Peppermint to […]

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