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FOF #2667 – The Shirtless Violinist Bares it All

Musician Matthew Olshefski became a viral video sensation when he performed the violin shirtless, and now, he will forever be known as The Shirtless Violinist.

Today Matthew chats with us about growing up in a religious cult and how he is dealing with his boyfriend’s eventual complete loss of sight.

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Joe Jonas Shirtless at Coachella

It looks like Joe Jonas is about to get his nipple tweaked at Coachella. I always pegged him as a nipple pig.

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VIDEO: Hot Rugby Player Has Wardrobe Malfunction

There’s two weeks left to the Rugby World Cup, with quarterfinals just around the corner. Most of my friends aren’t the sporting type, but plenty of them still appreciate the likes of All Blacks players […]

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VIDEO: Chris Salvatore Sings ”Born This Way” (Shirtless)

The gay man’s Ross Geller goes to town on his Casio Keyboard.

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VIDEO: Titty Tracker

Total nerd hotness complete with disco anthem! Watch as this computer program detects this guy’s tits and covers them up with cartoon objects.

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VIDEO: I Could Sure Use Some Ice Cream!

I don’t know about you, but it’s getting kinda hot up in here…

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VIDEO: Lost- Every Shirtless Moment

Do you like Jack better with hair or without?

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VIDEO: Doing Laundry – Full Load (DIRTY VERSION) NSFW

Swim suit season is fast approaching. Join in on the new sensation! Work on those washboard abs while you do a full load!

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