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FOF #1418 – All My Favorite Superheroes Wear Tights

This year’s summer movie blockbusters feature what we like- hot, muscular hunks in tight body suits which leave little to the imagination. Why does Hollywood all of sudden have such a hard on for movies based on comic book superheroes?

Today Peaches Christ joins us to take a closer look at these leading men’s packages and all the erotic subtext in the summer films.

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Was the Choreography from “Showgirls” Lifted from the 1960 Film “Sappho, Venus of Lesbos?”

Was the choreography from the film Showgirls lifted from the 1960’s sandals and swords film “Sappho, Venus of Lesbos?” I’ve cued the film up to the dance scene which very much resembles the Volcano Goddess […]

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VIDEO: Lady Gaga Salutes Showgirls in Her New Video – The Edge Of Glory

Lady Gaga went to Versace to get the Showgirls bondage outfit for her new video for her song “The Edge Of Glory.” She looks fierce and I’m sure she knows how to say Ver-say-ce unlike […]

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FOF #1352 – All I Really Need To Know I Learned from Watching Showgirls

Hold on tight to the handrail girlfriends, Elizbeth Berkley is back with a self-help book for teenage girls- Ask Elizabeth: Real Answers to Everything You Secretly Wanted. Will she give girls advice on how to sell it, do a pique turn and usurp their place in a Las Vegas nightclub extravaganza?

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Play the Showgirls Game and Win!

Think you know and love the movie Showgirls? Take Marc’s Showgirls quiz and win a Feast of Fun t-shirt! Here’s what you have to do: see if you can match each photo-clue with a popular […]

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Bought Myself a Fancy Present, Darlins

Hi there, darlins. Had to share somethin’ that just happened to me. Over Christmas (which, by the way, NO ONE thanked me for my thoughtful gifts!) I decided to buy myself a new slav… um… […]

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My First Blog Entry – Merry Christmas, Darlin’

Hey there, darlins. I was sittin’ here at my diamond studded iMac (they only made ONE for me!) lookin’ at pictures of myself. Lookin’ at pictures of me makes me think of all the people […]

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FOF #1303 – Black Swan Diva

Gay men love movies with flawless costumes, intense dancing and crazy women who tear each other apart to get ahead in show business.

Soon to join your collection of campy movies is Black Swan- a psychological thriller set in the competitive world of professional ballet. Join us as we talk about the film and don’t worry, we won’t spoil it for you.

(Thank to Rei Sato for the amazing anime drawing!)

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VIDEO: Showgirls/Black Swan Mash Up

Showgirls | Black Swan Trailer MASH UP from Jeffrey McHale on Vimeo. A fun mix of Showgirls imagery with the soundtrack from the Black Swan trailer.

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FOF #1294 – Show Me How You Burlesque

Burlesque hasn’t done well in theaters, but the romp through a fantasy burlesque theater is a hit with gay men and drag queens everywhere. Join us today as we talk about Cher, Christina, hunky Cam Gigandet and Alan Cummings’ straight to DVD performance.

Also: gay rights advocate Wayne Besen, founder of Truth Wins Out, talks about the ex-gay movement focusing on pre-teens, George “Carry My Luggage” Rekers and anti-gay iPhone apps.