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FOF #2608 – Hold My Beer Hunty

Just when you thought The Vixen couldn’t make white people more nervous, Tyra Sanchez ups the ante with the threat of nuclear annihilation at this year’s RuPaul’s DragCon with the caveat “don’t say I didn’t warn you.”

As if it couldn’t go more off the rails, drag queen Robbie Turner’s dead Uber driver still hasn’t turned up yet. Maybe she’s pulling a Dorian Corey and has him somewhere stuffed in a trunk.

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FOF #2607 – Crazy for Cults

Netflix’s new documentary Wild Wild Country has everything- guns, bombs, drugs, imperialism, racism, attempted murder, bio-terrorism, Learjets, Rolls Royces by the dozens and freaky naked hippies.

Today we take a look at the strange but true story of the Rajneesh cult that exploded in the 80s in Oregon and what folks who organize theater groups and religious organizations can learn from their mistakes.

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FOF #1381 – Six Degrees of Lady Gaga

If you thought Lady Gaga’s song Born this Way sounded a lot like Madonna, it may in the blood.

Celebrity genealogist Chris Childs has traced the family linage of both the Material Girl and Momma Monster, and it turns out that Lady Gaga and Madonna are real life kissing cousins! Plus, CNN Anchor Don Lemon comes out of the closet as a gay man.

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Smallville Striptease

Tom Welling takes it off! And just for fun, here’s an old alleged bootleg video of Tom Welling showing everything (and I do mean everything) in a NSFW skinny dippying scene for Smallville. They should […]

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Tom Welling Reverse Strip Tease

If you are a fan of Smallville, you’ll know that Tom Welling, who plays Superman, has yet to wear the iconic tights and cape of the comic book crusader, but, as the series comes to […]

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Will Superman Finally Fly?

The big question for all the Smallville fans is will we see Clark Kent in the Superman tights and fly around. Tom Welling is said to have been loath to fly or wear the iconic […]

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