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VIDEO: SNL’s “Estro-maxx Commercial”

Some people are offended by Saturday Night Live’s spoof commercial for Estro-maxx, a once-a-day pill for transitioning. It’s hard to expalin humor but is this funny or a fail to you?

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VIDEO: Jim Carrey is Black Swan on SNL

Jim Carrey delivers the funny in this parody of Black Swan performed on SNL.

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VIDEO: Surprise Party

Hot stud lip dubs a SNL skit.

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SNL Video begs question: is McCain the only American supporting DADT?

Is anyone but John McCain ACTUALLY in favor of keeping the Don’t Ask Don’t Tell policy? Listen to the audience just lap it up. In other news, the LGBT political community may have something other […]

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Get Your Favorite Diva to Host SNL

Because it was such a huge success and gave us such great television, this week dozens of Facebook groups have popped up asking the producers of Saturday Night Live to pick their favorite diva to […]

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VIDEO: Betty White on Saturday Night Live, Watch Them All

Facebook asked for it, and Betty White did it! Watch all the videos from her now legendary appearance on Saturday Night Live.

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Sarah Palin 2012….We Were Warned.

SNL paints a horrifying picture of the future.

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FOF #861 – Vote Baby Vote

It’s the Feast of Fools- today we’re happy to announce that Feast of Fools is nominated once again for the People’s Choice Podcast Awards, in the top category of People’s Choice and also Best GLBT […]

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