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FOFA #1600- Horror Magnate Peaches Christ

One of the scarier details about the gay Canadian cannibal killer Luka Rocco Magnotta is his obsession with his neighbor, horror film actor, Derek MacKinnon who starred as a killer in the 80’s movie Terror […]

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FOF #1600- Horror Magnate Peaches Christ

How does horror hostess and filmmaker, Peaches Christ deal with people on the fringe- lunatics, who may be just one broken fingernail away from killing someone?

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FOF #1521 – 9th Circuit Party

Kaloo kalay! The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals upheld a ruling by Judge Vaughn Walker declaring Proposition 8 unconstitutional.

Today we’re celebrating the Prop 8 defeat by the 9 Circuit, joining us is New York drag queen Mimi Imfurst who really got robbed for her right to fight with other drag queens on RuPaul’s Drag Race.

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FOF #1389 – Love is All You Need

One of the most perpetual questions found everywhere on the Internet is people’s insatiable hunger for romantic relationships. Are we all just fools in love or is there something deeper to our yearning for meaningful relationships?

Join us as we talk about how to cultivate love in your life and find out if you need a man like a fish needs a bicycle.

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FOF #1365 – Auditioning for Greatness

Our gal pal comedian Cameron Espositio has been clawing her way up the entertainment ladder to become America’s next top lesbian comedian and she recently had the prestigious opportunity to audition for one of the greats of late night television.

What’s it like to audition for a gig that could launch your career into the big time, and does it involve ice cubes and pique turns?

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Anderson Cooper Backpedals on Snooki Attack

Anderson Cooper can battle hurricanes and mobs of angry Egyptians but when he takes on reality tv star Snooki, he totally backs down.

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VIDEO: Anderson Cooper Tears Snooki Apart

Anderson Cooper thinks he’s Michael from DListed.

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IMAGE: Shangela vs Snooki: Who Wore It Best?

I’m inclined to say Shangela, but is she wearing opaque stockings?  Why?  They’re a bit naff. From here.

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