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VIDEO: Darkness Comes Featuring David Wolfman Williams

Australian football hottie David Wolfman Williams gets into some kinky bondage and goes a little wild in the short film Darkness Comes.

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FOF #1858 – You Look Fierce in Those Shorts

Right now the hot fashion trend on the internet is men wearing their gym shorts as cute cocktail dresses, squeezing both of their legs into one side, and then throwing the other side of the shorts over the shoulder.

Today we’re taking a closer look at the men who are turning their workout shorts into cocktail dresses, and listing some of our favorite tips on aging sexy and feeling desirable over 30.

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VIDEO: Cristiano Ronaldo Strips Down and Gets Measured

The very sexy Real Madrid soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo strips down and gets measured for a wax figure that will be unveiled at Madrid Wax Museum next fall. What I wouldn’t give to be those […]

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VIDEO: Hot Man on Man Action In Video Soccer Game

Soccer gaming just got a whole lot sexier!

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VIDEO: Short Film – Floating Soccer Feild

Kids will do anything to have fun but these kids really put a lot of effort into their play! Watch this charming true story about a kid’s soccer team from a Thai village that floats […]

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VIDEO: David Beckham Gets Mad at a Fan Over Prostitute Allegations

David Beckham sure looks nice with his his shirt off, even if he is angry. A fan, or is it a paparazzi keeps yelling “Stop with the prostitutes” and a shirtless Beckham approaches him to […]

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VIDEO: Football Darling?

Mitchell and Webb poke fun at football players.

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VIDEO: Commercial 3- Naked Football Players in Match.

Very funny soccer parody.

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