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FOF #1938 – How Teletubbies and Soloflex Made Us Even More Gay

A lot of the things we love on the Internet was mostly developed by people who came of age in the early 90s. It’s a big reason why the corporate logos for such titans as Google and EBay look like they were designed by three year olds.

Today we’re taking a look at awesome stuff that inspired us in our formative years to be fabulously gay, and how it influenced the internet to be the way it is today.

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FOF #1934 – Do People Care if You’re Gay Anymore?

They say it’s “history in the making”- University of Missouri defensive lineman Michael Sam has come out of the closet, and is likely to be drafted into the National Football League as the first openly gay professional football player.

Joining us today is the incorrigible Brian Sweeney, who really couldn’t give a damn about this, but always has something funny to say anyway. Is Michael Sam’s coming out going to mean anything?

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FOF #1932 – Putin is Watching You Pinch a Loaf

Russian officials are on the defensive after journalists have been posting hilarious and disgusting photos of their nightmarish hotel rooms in Sochi, saying the whole thing is overblown.

Today we take a look at the hilarious and disgusting Olympic sized mess unfolding in Sochi, and wonder if Russia’s President Vladimir Putin is watching journalists taking a shit?

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FOF #1931 – Sochi Olympics Disaster

Girl, shit has hit the fan in Russia. Olympic sized shit! With Russia’s anti-gay laws and violence towards its own LGBT people, the games were already controversial and now it looks like all hell is breaking loose.

Joining us today is Tommy Holl– who sounds a little hoarse because he drank some of the that Olympic golden water.

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Brian Boitano Comes Out as Gay, Surprising No One

What would Brian Boitano do? He’d come out of the closet! The figure skating gold medalist just announced he’s gay before the Russian winter Olympics in Sochi. “I am many things: a son, a brother, […]

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