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FOF #1319 – Trends And Predictions for 2011

Today we predict what 2011 will be like by looking at the events and trends that made the headlines in 2010 and warping them into the future. Ripsters, GagaFlauge, Micro-Fruits, Cash Cats and Temporary Face Lifts, all coming your way.

Joining us is LA based puppet artist Marsian Delellis- described as “a crazy hall of mirrors on which society can see itself.”

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Facebook Recommends Garbage Music Pages, No Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Cyndi Lauper

Really Facebook, really? Facebook recently launched their “recommended” pages, supposedly based on what your friends like, but considering that 99% of my friends on Facebook are die-hard Lady Gaga fans, I was kind of stunned […]

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Leading by Example

This is Ryan with 300 words (or less) to make your Memorial Day even better! 222 T-Shirts+ Stop Motion= Successful Viral Video Earlier this year, RhettandLink posted T-Shirt War, an instant success and one of […]

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FOF #1177 – Bright Lights, Big City

Small towns are starting to embrace the gays, but for some people, the big city is the answer to all their problems. Today blogger Ryan Justice rolls out the Big Gay Welcome Wagon, his blog dedicated to the needs of small town gays who move to big cities in search of happiness.

Plus: Grace Jones says she’s “pissed” at Lady Gaga, a couple is arrested for providing breast implants without medical training, Scott Herman’s bold red suit, and a rooster crows “cock a doodle don’t” and becomes a hen.

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FOF #1159 – Heather Gold Is Gay for the Internet

Today we kick off our series of interviews from deep in the heart of Texas in Austin during SXSW with comedian Heather Gold.

Listen as Heather talks with us about her talk show Tummelvision, the queering of this year’s conference, how Sarah Palin works the internet and why entertainers need social media to keep their audience.

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FOF #988 – A Mysterious Roll of Pink Material

High heel shoes, a Louis Vuitton bag held by an arm coming from a man’s nose, a mysterious roll of pink material, a Don Rickles cut out, and a drag queen dressed up as a […]

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