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FOF #1327 – That’s a Real Pretty Facebook You Got There

Stalkers, identity thieves and your annoying family are all watching your every update as if to say, “That’s a pretty Facebook you got there, be a shame if something happened to it.”

Today, Facebook expert Dave Awl, author of “Facebook Me” joins us once again to navigate us through the choppy waters of the world’s largest social network.

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Apple Releases “Ping”, A New Social Networking Feature For iTunes

Just the other day, whilst I was listening to my new favorite song “I Like That” by the Static Revengers on my iPhone, it occurred to me that Apple has dabbled in most forms of […]

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Internet vs. Real Life W/ Megan and Lynn

This video, from, is a new series by two long-time lesbian friends who finally meet in person. How will they do? Is the internet actually a substitute for real life? Could these girls be […]

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Fabulous or Fabu-less? Fabulis’ New iPhone App

Websites are quickly looking to the smartphone market as a way to enhance and add to the overall user experience with their content. While some websites are able to find that perfect, easy to use […]

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Facebook CEO Gets Superpoked: May Lose 84% Share of Company

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has accomplished a lot in less than ten years. Not only has he revolutionalized the concept of what a ‘social network’ is, but he’s also created one of the most visited […]

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Sex, Fetishes, and Social Networking. OH MY!

International Mr Leather or IML is fast approaching!  In less than two weeks, thousands of leather and kink enthusiasts will descend upon Chicago for a fun weekend-long event with plenty of networking opportunities.  Are you […]

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”Drama” – the Big Gay Cliche.

Next time you are perusing through online profiles in search of a new friend or date, take note of the information your potential suitors provide.  I’ve been noticing the trend of declaring “I hate drama” […]

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FOF #950 – Facebook Me, Facebook You!

Facebook! It changed. So what are you gonna do about it baby? Last week the Sears Tower became the Willis Tower, Feast of Fools changed it’s name to Feast of Fun and everybody’s favorite social […]

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FOF #898 – Christmas Stalkings

Christmas is the season for stalking hot men! Tracy loves to seek hunky men from her past on the internet, and sometimes it gets her into trouble. Some call it cruising, some call it social […]

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