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FOF #2822 – Cake Sitting for Peace

Over the past 15 years on Feast of Fun we’ve done some outrageous things which have captured people’s imagination, from refereeing drag queens battling it out to getting folks to sit on cakes as an anti-war and marriage equality statement, we made an impact.

But mainly we just wanted to see butts covered in frosting. Who doesn’t?

Today we’re taking a look at some magical, viral moments on Feast of Fun!

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FOF #1441 – Nancy Upton is the Next Big Thing

Recently, American Apparel promoted the launch of their plus sized clothing line by holding a modeling contest. Dallas based actress Nancy Upton submitted some hilarious photos of herself in various states of undress, eating obscene amounts of food and sploshing in a bathtub full of ranch dressing.

The photos went viral & everyone declared her the winner, everyone except American Apparel.

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Mr. Steamworks Towel Contest 2009

A swell time was had by everyone as we hosted the Mr. Steamworks Towel 2009 contest at IML, trying to find the most outrageous and outrageously sexy stud. Who won? Check out part 2 and […]

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“Angie” Opener: Philadelphia Sitcom

Have you heard the news? Fausto and Marc are coming to Philadelphia! Celebrate by spending a moment with Angie, the gutsy Philly waitress with a rich doctor husband and snooty new relatives. Though the clip […]

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