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FOF #868 – French Fruit Flies

Just a few more days until Halloween! What are you dressing up as? When we’re not busy podcasting, we love to dress up as pandas. Panda, panda, don’t you wanna panda, panda? On today’s show […]

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FOF #851 – Kneeling Before God

Gay people are the backbone of many of the world’s great religions, but sadly under difficult times these Churches scapegoat some of their most beloved members. High ranking Catholic Church officials blamed the scandalous cover […]

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FOF #846 – Chris Crocker Has His Mind in the Gutter

Today’s show is hot hot hot! We’ve got two intense performers, internet sensation Chris Crocker and drag war drag queen Regina Upbright. Chris Crocker’s back with a hot new single- Mind in the Gutter- and […]

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FOF #843 – The Pulse on Boystown

On today’s show we have Nirmalpal Sachdev, the general manager of Steamworks and Sean Kotwa, the gayest manager at the gay nightclub Hydrate who have the pulse on Chicago’s gay neighborhood – Boystown. They’re here […]

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FOF #829 – Stoking the Fire

Rick Stokes did what almost every gay man in Kansas did back in the 1950s- he got married to a woman. His wife knew that he had a number of gay experiences before they got […]

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FOF #815 – Twisted Twister

Yipee! Market Days is almost here, and we are SO ready for it. The Midwest’s largest street fair, drawing over 200,000 people from around the country is happening this weekend and one of the funnest […]

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FOF #813 – Market Days Preview

It just might be the gayest event in the whole midwest. On today’s show Jason Heidemann, the Gay & Lesbian editor for Time Out Chicago talks about Northalsted Market Days, the largest and gayest street […]

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FOF #799 – Blow Your Own Horn

We delighted to have hunky Indian man, Nirmalpal Sachdev back on the today’s show. You first fell in love with Nirmalpal on our inside tour of Steamworks, the men’s bath house that sponsors our show. […]

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FOF #742 – Live from Steamworks

It’s the show you’ve all been waiting for, our LIVE podcast from Steamworks! Of all places indeed. We packed up the microphones and recording equipment and took our booties down to the “Sexiest Place on […]

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FOF #672 – Journey into Steamworks

Release the Pressure! In Spanish, it means “¡Saca la presion!” That sexy slogan comes from Steamworks, one of the largest gay bathouse chains in the world. You’ve heard it on our show from time to […]

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