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FOF #1255 – Wild Sex Stories

You’re in for a treat today as an old friend of ours, Tracy Tyler joins us to share our sexy sex stories of wild lust and abandon, with strange and funny results.

Join us a we share with you three terrific tales of sexual trysts and dates gone horribly wrong– Tracy’s gets naughty at a tranny party, Fausto falls into a sexual safari at a taxidermist’ house and Marc’s frozen food date that ends in a Valentine’s Day Massacre.

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AUDIO: Short Story With a Gay Twist

If you’re a fantasy fan or love stories, this is a wonderful audio reading of a story that features fairies and a boy’s struggle with homosexuality.

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FOF #1055 – Sipping the Sweet Tea

Interview with with performer and writer E. Patrick Johnson about his book “Sweet Tea” a collection of real-life stories on the lives of gay black men living in the South.

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